The Emperor Augustas

Vergil Aeneid 6.791-807

This, this is the man whom you very often hear promised to you: Augustus Caesar, offspring of a god, who will again establish golden generations in La-tium through fields once ruled over by Saturn, and will extend the empire beyond the Garamantes and Indians; the land [at its boundaries] lies beyond the constellations [of the zodiac], beyond the yearly path of the sun (lit., the paths of the year and the sun), where, on [his] shoulder, sky-bearing Atlas turns the sky, furnished with blazing stars. In anticipation of the coming of this man, both Caspian kingdoms and the Maeotic territory already now tremble because of replies, of the gods, and the anxious mouths of the sevenfold Nile are alarmed.

Nor indeed did Hercules visit so much of the earth, although he shot the bronze-footed stag or pacified the groves of Erymanthus and made Lerna tremble with [his] bow. Nor [did] triumphant Liber [visit so much of the earth], who controlled the yoke with reins of vine shoots, driving [his] tigers from the lofty peak of Nysa. And do we still hesitate to enlarge [our] worth by deeds, or does fear prevent [us] from settling on Ausonian land?

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