The Horse and the Wild Boar

Phaedrus Fabulae 4.4

While a wild boar was wallowing (lit., rolling itself), it muddied a ford where a horse had been accustomed to quench [its] thirst. Because of this a quarrel arose. The horse, angry with the wild animal, sought the help of a man and, lifting him (lit, whom lifting) on his back, returned happily to [its] enemy. After the horseman killed the latter with [his] spear, he is reported to have spoken thus: "I am glad that I brought help to you when you asked, for I took booty and I learned how useful you are." And so he forced the unwilling [horse] to endure a bridle. Then it [said] sadly,"While I was foolishly seeking retribution for a small matter, I found slavery,"

This fable will warn angry [people] that it is better to be harmed without redress than to surrender oneself to another.

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