Verse Epitaphs

a Lucius Cornelius Scipio, son of Gnaeus, grandson of Gnaeus. This [tombstone holds great wisdom and many virtues with a short life. This [man], whose life, not [his own] probity, ran short for gaining public office (lit., ran short with respect to public office), [and] who was never surpassed in virtue, is buried here. Twenty years of age (lit., born twenty years), he has been entrusted to the places (i.e., the Underworld). Do not ask why he was not entrusted with public office. b Stranger, what I [have to] say is short; stand by and read [it] through. Here is the not beautiful tomb of a beautiful woman. [Her] parents gave her the name of Claudia. She loved her husband with [all] her heart. She gave birth to two sons; of these one she leaves on earth, the other she puts below the earth. Her conversation was charming, yet her bearing was proper. She kept house, she made wool. I have spoken [what I have to say]. Go on your way (lit., go away).

c You who walk leisurely with carefree mind, traveler, and [who] direct your gaze at my funeral offerings, if you ask who I am, look! [I am now simply] ashes and burned remains; before [my] sad death I was Helvia Prima. I enjoyed Cadmus Scrateius [as my] spouse, and we lived harmoniously with matching temperaments. Now I have been given to Pluto to stay for a long age, having been taken down by destructive fire and the water of the Styx.

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