Worldly Wisdom

Publilius Syrus assorted sententiae

22 To be in love and to be wise is scarcely granted to a god (and so a mortal cannot expect to combine the two). 26 What trouble would you wish for a greedy person except "May he live long"?

41 Misfortune reveals whether you have a friend or [just] a name (i.e., a real friend or one in name only). 92 Life itself is short, but it is made longer by troubles. 186 Even a single (lit., even one) hair has its own shadow (i.e., a shadow of its own).

222 Fortune is of more value to a person than intelligence. 258 The weeping of an heir is laughter beneath the mask. 275 Poverty lacks many things, greed everything. 296 The judge is condemned when a guilty person is acquitted. 298 In a difficult position, boldness is of the greatest value. 307 In love, beauty avails more than authority.

331 It is unreasonable for a person who is shipwrecked for a second time to blame Neptune (lit., [A person] ... unreasonably blames ...). 339 A guilty person fears the law, an innocent person [fears] fortune. 358 When a bad person pretends to be good (lit., himself to be good), he is then worst.

397 It is a misfortune to many when a good man dies, (lit., A good man dies to the misfortune of many.) 478 No one can escape either death or love.

670 It is foolish to take revenge on a neighbor with fire (i.e., by setting his house on fire). 711 It is better to trust virtue than fortune.

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