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Works by T.S. Eliot

-(2004) The Complete Poems and Plays of T.S. Eliot, London: Faber

& Faber

This is the most comprehensive edition of Eliot's poetry and drama available.

-(1971) The Waste Land: A Facsimile and Transcript of the Original

Drafts Including the Annotations of Ezra Pound, ed. Valerie Eliot, London: Faber & Faber

When this facsimile was published it transformed how people read The Waste Land. It reproduces Eliot's typescripts and manuscripts (including his, his wife's and Pound's annotations), with very useful notes by Eliot's second wife. The American critic Lawrence Rainey has recently published a new edition of The Waste Land with an introduction that provides a very detailed analysis of these drafts: The Annotated Waste Land with Eliot's Contemporary Prose, New Haven: Yale University Press.

-(1999) Selected Essays, London: Faber & Faber

Although this is a relatively small selection of the many essays Eliot wrote, it contains most of the essays you will find critics citing, and is certainly the place to start with Eliot's prose. A very good alternative selection, harder to obtain in the UK, is Frank Kermode's 1975 Selected Prose of T.S. Eliot, New York: Harvest.

-(1996) Inventions of the March Hare, ed. Christopher Ricks, New

York: Harcourt Brace & Company

This collection presents Eliot's early, pre-Prufrock poetry, most of it unpublished elsewhere, and is invaluable for showing the early development of his style. It has an excellent introduction and notes by a leading Eliot scholar.

-(1988) The Letters of T.S. Eliot, 1898-1922, ed. Valerie Eliot,

London: Faber & Faber

This is the first and, currently, only volume of Eliot's letters available. It provides a fascinating insight into his youth and college years, and documents the beginning of his career in London.

Works by T.E. Hulme

-(1994) The Collected Writings of T.E. Hulme, ed. Karen Csengeri,

Oxford: Clarendon Press

This is the most complete and accurate collection of Hulme's essays and poetry, with an authoritative introduction and notes. It corrects the mis-datings present in the two previously available collections of Hulme's essays, Speculations, ed. Herbert Read, London: Routledge and Further Speculations, ed. Sam Hynes, Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press.

-(2003) Selected Writings, ed. Patrick McGuinness

This excellent selection contains more of Hulme's poetry, but fewer essays, in particular fewer of the essays on Bergson. Nevertheless, Hulme's most important work is here, the introduction is good and, unlike the edition above, it is easily available and affordable.

Works by Ezra Pound

-(2001) Personae: Collected Shorter Poems, London: Faber & Faber

This has for years been the standard collection of Pound's non-Cantos poetry and contains most of his important work, but the recently published Library of America edition (below) is much more comprehensive.

-(2003) Ezra Pound: Poems and Translations, ed. Richard Sieburth,

New York: Library of America

Excellent collection of Pound's non-Cantos poetry, chosen by one of the best Pound scholars. It combines previously separate volumes of early poetry, shorter poetry and translations. More difficult to obtain in the UK than in the US.

-(1994) The Cantos, London: Faber & Faber

The Cantos was published in sections during Pound's lifetime, and this edition collects the separate books together. A Selected Cantos is published by New Directions.

--(1976) Collected Early Poems of Ezra Pound, ed. Michael John

King, New York: New Directions

This contains Pound's early poetry, both his first published volumes and also notebooks and poems unpublished elsewhere.

--(1954) Literary Essays of Ezra Pound, ed. T.S. Eliot, London:

Faber & Faber

The first collection of Pound's essays to be published, it appeared in 1954 while Pound was held in St Elizabeth's, and therefore excludes his more controversial writings. It is somewhat idiosyncratic in its choices, and should be supplemented by Selected Prose.

-(1973) Selected Prose, ed. William Cookson, New York: New


A more representative collection than Literary Essays, but both are needed because no essays are repeated across the volumes. Includes essays on economic and political topics as well as important literary essays.

-(1971) The Selected Letters of Ezra Pound, 1907-1941, ed. D.D.

Paige, New York: New Directions

Many of Pound's most important statements about poetry were made in his letters. Like the Literary Essays, this collection was first published when Pound was in St Elizabeth's and emphasizes his literary work rather than his political and economic interests. There are many further editions of Pound's letters available, organized by correspondent.

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