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A. Style and Literary Interpretation

['Ling.' indicates that a work is written mainly from the viewpoint of linguistic analysis; 'Lit.', that it is written mainly from the viewpoint of literary interpretation.]

arthos, j. The Language of Natural Description in Eighteenth Century Poetry.

Ann Arbor, 1949. [Lit.] bailey, r. m. and burton, d. m. English Stylistics: a Bibliography. Cambridge Mass., 1968.

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B. Prosody abercrombie, d. 'A Phonetician's View of Verse Structure' in Studies in

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General Linguistics and the English Language [Works marked 'Advanced' assume a fair knowledge of linguistics.] abercrombie, d. 'Syllable Quantity and Enclitics in English' in Studies in

Phonetics and Linguistics, London, 1965, pp. 26-34. Chomsky, n. 'Degrees of Grammaticalness', in The Structure of Language, ed. j. a. fodor and j. j. katz. Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1964, pp. 384-89. [Advanced.]

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D. Rhetoric

[The works listed here arc chiefly relevant because they document the tradition of rhetoric from classical times up to the present day.] atkins, j. w. h. Literary Criticism in Antiquity. 2 Vols. Cambridge, 1934. atkins, j. w. h. English Literary Criticism: the Medieval Phase. Cambridge I943-

atkins, j. w. h. English Literary Criticism: the Renaissance. London, 1947. bain, a. English Composition and Rhetoric. 2 Vols. London, etc., 1887. brooks, c. and warren, r. p. Fundamentals of Good Writing: a Handbook of

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Wilson, t. Wilson s Arte of Rhetorique, 1560, ed. g. H. mair. Oxford, 1909.

E. Miscellaneous Publications of More General Interest eliot, t. s. Selected Prose. Penguin Books, 1953.

fowler, h. w. A Dictionary of Modern English Usage. Oxford, 1926.

gombrich, b. h. Art and Illusion. London, i960.

hotopf, w. h. n. Language, Thought, and Comprehension: a Case Study of the

Writings of I. A. Richards. London, 1965. pound, 1.AB.C. of Reading. London, 1951. ransom, j. c. The World's Body. New York, 1938. richards, 1. a. Philosophy of Rhetoric. New York and London, 1936. Scully, j., ed. Modern Poets on Modern Poetry. Fontana Library, 1966. shumaker, w. Literature and the Irrational. Englewood Cliffs, N.J., i960. skelton, r. Poetry (Teach Yourself Books). London, 1963. wellek, r. and warren, a. The Theory of Literature. London, 1949.

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