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There are a lot of queries about whether Real Writing Jobs is real or fake. This is due to the fact that one of the recommended home-based businesses in the coming year is related to writing jobs. It should be pointed out that this site has been around for years. However, interest in the said site has increased due to the increase in demand for writers and professionals in related fields.

What Can this Site Can Offer You

One of the first things that people should check out is the things that this site has to offer. That is probably the easiest part of the entire business. Finding out whether the site is a 100% scam or not will require a little more effort.

You can actually glean a lot of info by simply checking out what the site owners have to say right on their site’s pages. The Home page is pretty much alright – it’s kind of slick, and it actually hints that it is professionally made. It basically looks legit and doesn’t flaunt a lot of ads right off the bat; there are a lot of scam sites that have a plethora of ads right at the home page.

The basic thing that the site offers is the opportunity to work from home. Does real writing jobs really work simply because it offers this opportunity? To answer that question thoroughly, you will have to look at the other services the site has to offer.

The other things that the site offers include some of the fundamental benefits from working from home. That basically includes being able to choose the jobs you want to work on, being able to set your own working time, and work at your own pace.

Nevertheless, if you’ve been a ghost writer for quite a while, you’ll notice a few details that will raise a few eyebrows. One line that can particularly bother anyone is the claim that people can earn an excellent income by doing the jobs that they have posted on their site. If that’s a thing that they guarantee to anyone, then that is practically unbelievable – not everyone can be successful at doing writing jobs.

The other claim that you can be skeptical about is the thousands of folks who are finding out just how profitable simple writing tasks can be. Next to that is the opportunity to improve movie scripts and books from leading authors. That is something that will only happen to a few elite ghostwriters in the industry.

One piece of good news is that the site only asks for your name and email address in order for you to sign up for an account. Well, that’s what you get up front – nothing harmless about that. If you look in their FAQ page, you’ll notice a few details that will reveal a few more details about how the site works.

The FAQ page will definitely have a lot of info on it. An interesting detail is the fact that part of the info is written in the first person in spite of the lack of the name of the author on the entire page. You can take that either affirmatively or in the negative – it’s basically up to each person who reads the info.

Another red flag that many reviewers of this site have noticed is the fact that the owners require a membership fee. Well, this fee has a money back guarantee but that doesn’t help defuse the suspicion and doubts. Some have questioned the need for a membership fee, and you can’t blame them. The logical rule is that when you are looking for a job, you don’t pay the employer but the employer pays you.

The next question is what do you get in exchange for the membership? The first thing that you’ll notice about this membership fee is the fact that it isn’t that much. The fee is just a little less than five dollars, which isn’t really that much – it is not like you bought a car or something. The fee isn’t going to make you go broke but five dollars is five dollars.

The almost five dollars-worth of an entry fee has a seven day trial period. With that entry fee you can access all their tips, info, and job leads (note they don’t offer the jobs, they just give you leads to the available jobs on the Internet). If you sum that up then that is a pretty good deal in itself, especially if you’re quite new to the world of ghostwriting and online content writing.

Is That the Only Thing to Think About?

There’s actually more stuff that you should be thinking about. When the seven-day trial period is over, account holders are given a couple of options – they can either sign up for a lifetime membership fee (don’t worry it’s only less than one hundred dollars) or they can pay for the services on a monthly basis. Of course paying monthly will be a bit more costly.

TIP: Users will eventually learn all the tricks of the trade if they are really serious about taking on writing jobs on the side or as a second job. That means that whatever tips, tricks, or any other tidbits from any resource site will eventually become obsolete to you. The better way to deal with the fees from Real Writing Jobs is to sign up for a monthly subscription or membership and speed up the learning curve (i.e. learn everything really fast).

The Bottom Line

Having learned all about these hidden fees and other details, the next question is this: is real writing jobs a scam? They have fees that they didn’t tell you upfront, does that qualify them as a 100% scam? Unfortunately – no, it doesn’t. In fact, a lot of legit businesses and websites also use the same scheme.

Legit sites let you have a bite of their services via a small and refundable entry fee. Then they will ask you whether you want to continue with the service or not. Of course, continuing with the service will require customers to pay for the full cost of membership.

So, Real Writing Jobs is real or fake? The answer is no. It’s just a site that offers you information with regard to the legitimate writing gigs out there. They also offer tips and tricks that you will eventually learn in time. It’s a good site for people who want to know the basics of writing for money but you won’t need their services in the long run, especially when you have built your own clientele.

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