Birth of Sir Anthony Van Dyck

Death of Edmund Spenser 1600 Birth of the future Charles I

1603 Death of Elizabeth I

Accession of James I 1605 Birth of Sir Thomas Browne

Publication of Sir Francis Bacon's Advancement of Learning 1608 Birth of John Milton

Birth of Sir John Suckling

Birth of Henrietta Maria, future Queen of England Death of Caravaggio

Publication of Authorized Version of the Bible

Birth of Thomas, third Baron Fairfax

Birth of Anne Bradstreet

Birth of Richard Crashaw

Publication of Ben Jonson's Works

Death of William Shakespeare

Death of Francis Beaumont

Rebellion of Bohemia against the Holy Roman Empire initiates the Thirty Years War, in which the Empire, most German states, Denmark, Sweden, the United Provinces, and France become involved Frederick, Elector Palatine and son-in-law to James I, accepts the Bohemian crown and with it assumes a major role in opposition to the Holy Roman Empire; initiation of recurrent English policy of avoiding being drawn into continental conflict

Battle of the White Mountain (Imperial victory ending the Bohemian rebellion; rout of Frederick, Elector Palatine) The Pilgrims establish a colony in New England Birth of Andrew Marvell

Publication of Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy (numerous extended editions published later) Birth of Henry Vaughan

Completion of Banqueting House at Whitehall, designed by Jones

(Rubens's ceiling paintings installed J635)

Birth of Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle

Publication of Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories and Tragedies (First


Death of James I Accession of Charles I Death of John Fletcher Death of John Webster Birth of Richard Cromwell Death of Bacon Death of Cyril Tourneur

Battle of Lutter, Germany (Imperial victory forcing Denmark's withdrawal from the war) Birth of John Bunyan

Assassination of George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, politician and court favourite

1630 Birth of the future Charles II

1631 Death of John Donne Birth of John Dryden

Sack of Magdeburg (Imperial victory)

Battle of Breitenfeld, Germany (victory for Sweden under Gustavus Adolphus over Imperial forces)

1632 Birth of Katherine Philips Birth of John Locke

Battle of Lutzen, Germany (victory for Sweden over Imperial forces, but Gustavus Adolphus is killed)

1633 Publication of Donne's Poems Death of George Herbert Publication of Herbert's The Temple Birth of the future James II

Laud appointed Archbishop of Canterbury

1634 Performance of Carew's masque Coelum Britannicum Performance of Milton's Masque (Comus)

Judicial mutilation and incarceration of William Prynne, Puritan activist

Battle of Nordlingen, Germany (Imperial victory over Sweden)

1637 Death of Ben Jonson

Judicial mutilation and incarceration of Prynne, Henry Burton, and John Bastwick (Prynne was in prison already) Publication of Milton's 'Lycidas' in lusta Eduardo King Publication of Descartes's Discourse on Method

1638 Judicial flogging and incarceration of John Lilburne, Puritan activist

1640 Publication of second edition of Jonson's Works Death of Carew

Publications of Carew's Poems Convocation of Long Parliament Birth of Aphra Behn Death of Rubens

1641 Execution of Strafford Death of Van Dyck

1642 Death of Suckling Beginning of English Civil War Battle of Edgehill (stalemate) Closure of London theatres Death of Galileo

Publication of Thomas Browne's Religio Medici (authorized edition, 1643)

Birth of Isaac Newton

1644 Battle of Marston Moor (Parliamentarian victory) Publication of Milton's Areopagitica

1645 Publication of Milton's Poems ... both English and Latin Battle of Naseby (Parliamentarian victory)

Execution of William Laud

1646 Publication of Suckling's Fragmenta Aurea

Publication of Crashaw's Steps to the Temple (second edition 1648)

1647 Birth of John Wilmot, second Earl of Rochester

Putney Army Debates between Levellers and Cromwell and his officers

1648 Publication of Herrick's Hesperides (including His Noble Numbers)

Siege of Colchester (Parliamentarian victory)

Colonel Pride's purge of Long Parliament

Treaty of Westphalia concluding the Thirty Years War

1649 Execution of Charles I Proclamation of the English Republic Death of Crashaw

Mutiny at Burford, Oxfordshire, of Levellers within the New Model Army (suppressed by Cromwell)

Establishment by Diggers led by Gerrard Winstanley of short-lived agrarian commune on St George's Hill, near Cobham, Surrey Publication of Lovelace's Lucasta Publication of Milton's Eikonoklastes

Massacres of Drogheda and Wexford (Parliamentarian victories)

1650 Publication of Vaughan's Silex Scintillans (second edition, 1655) Battle of Dunbar (Parliamentarian victory)

Death of Descartes

1651 Battle of Worcester (Parliamentarian victory) Publication of Hobbes's Leviathan

1652. Inception of First Anglo-Dutch War

Death of Inigo Jones

1653 Long Parliament, already purged, dismissed by Cromwell Cromwell declared Lord Protector

Publication of Cavendish's Poems and Fancies

1654 Conclusion of First Anglo-Dutch War 1657? Death of Lovelace

Death of Oliver Cromwell Richard Cromwell becomes Lord Protector if>59 Resignation of Richard Cromwell

Publication of Lovelace's Lucasta[:] Posthume poems

Publication of Milton's Readie and Easie Way to Establish a Free


End of the English Republic

Restoration of Charles II

Execution of some regicides

Birth of Daniel Defoe

Foundation of the Royal Society

Promulgation of Clarendon Code for the suppression of religious dissent

Execution of Sir Henry Vane, Parliamentarian Death of Philips

Publication of Philips's Poems. By the Incomparable Mrs K. P.

Inception of Second Anglo-Dutch War

Battle of Lowestoft (English victory)

Plague of London

Death of Poussin

Great Fire of London

Dutch fleet captures Sheerness and seizes ships in the Medway Birth of Jonathan Swift

(and 1669) Publication of Poems by Mrs Katherine Philips, the Matchless Orinda

Publication of Milton's Paradise Lost (second edition 1674) Death of Henrietta Maria Death of Fairfax

Publication of Milton's Paradise Regained and Samson Agonistes

Death of Bradstreet

Birth of Joseph Addison

Death of Cavendish

Death of Herrick

Death of Milton

Death of Marvell

Publication of Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress Death of Hobbes Death of Bernini

Publication of Marvell's Miscellaneous Poems

Death of Sir Thomas Browne

Death of Charles II

Accession of James II

Expulsion of James II

Death of Bunyan

Birth of Alexander Pope

1689 Accession of William and Mary

Death of Behn 1695 Death of Vaughan

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