A few notes regarding this course

• Your professor has chosen to call these talks "discussions" because these recordings should be viewed as an opportunity to learn actively, not passively. Take the opportunity to stop, read, question, reevaluate. "He most honors my style,"explains the poet in "Song of Myself," "who learns under it to destroy the teacher." (81).

• Whitman would have been altogether pleased by how technology enables modern freedoms, so bring these CDs with you outside and on the road.

(for in any roofed room of a house I emerge not—nor in company, And in the libraries I lie as one dumb, a gawk, or unborn, or dead,) But just possibly with you on a high hill—first watching lest any person, for miles around, approach unawares, Or possibly with you sailing at sea, or on the beach of the sea, or some quiet island, Here to put your lips upon mine I permit you, With the comrade's long-dwelling kiss, or the new husband's kiss, For I am the new husband, and I am the comrade.

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