Course Syllabus

Lecture 1 "Listener up there!": Whitman Springs

Off the Page Lecture 2 The Revolution of the First Edition.

Whitman's Leaves of Grass Lecture 3 Emerson, Whitman, and the Beginnings of an Original American Literature Lecture 4 Manhattan's Son Rises Lecture 5 Sex Is the Root of It All Lecture 6 Whitman's Civil War Lecture 7 Banned in Boston:

Whitman and Censorship Lecture 8 Glancing Back, Looking Forward:

Whitman and the Promise of America Lecture 9 Whitman Among the Moderns Lecture 10 I, Too, Sing America:

Black Voices Respond to Whitman Lecture 11 From "Barbaric Yawp" to "Howl" Lecture 12 Whitman. Visual Poetics, and the New York School Lecture 13 Singing the Songs: Whitman's Impact on

Modern American Music Lecture 14 I Stop Somewhere Waiting for You: Whitman's Enduring Presence

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