This book could not have been written without the generous help of many people, groups, and institutions. I am delighted to have this opportunity to thank them.

Responses that I received to early versions of this work greatly influenced its eventual scope and depth. My thanks to the Women in Slavic Culture and Literature group at the Summer Research Lab in Cham-paign-Urbana, to the participants in the Columbia University Seminar on Slavic History and Culture, to Katharina Brett, and Carol Ueland. Several people kindly took the time to read various chapters, providing many valuable insights and ideas: Barbara Heldt, Eliot Borenstein, Charlotte Rosenthal, Natalie Dehn, Nancy Burstein, Randall Spinks, Ann Kleimola, Romy Taylor, and members of the New York University Scholarly Writing Group. I am particularly grateful to those who read the entire manuscript, offering structural, bibliographic, and other expertise: Ron Meyer, Catriona Kelly, Sally Pratt, and especially Helena Goscilo for her transformative and exuberant comments on style as well as content. None of these people, of course, are responsible for the use I made of their suggestions.

Jehanne Gheith and Karen Rosneck generously shared Khvoshchin-skaia materials with me. Elena Ermilovna Glafner at Rossiiskii gosu-darstvennyi arkhiv literatury i iskusstva (RGALI) provided invaluable help with Khvoshchinskaia's notebooks. I consider myself very fortunate to know Antonina Strizhenko, who helped me unstintingly and repeatedly at Pushkinskii dom. Mikhail Fainshtein graciously opened doors for me in Saint Petersburg and Moscow on several occasions.

Lina Bernstein kindly sent me material on Elagina. Irina Gordon gave generous, meticulous, and expert help with Russian. I am also very grateful to Karina Melnikov and Irina Reyfman for advice on Russian, Claudine Verheggen on French, Ron Meyer on translation, and Masha Lykhina on Russian and Russian computers. Any mistakes that remain are my own.

Thanks to Mary Zirin for inspiration and to Gloria Rohmann, a friend in need. Ann Kleimola, Clara Evans, Shirley Glade, Ann Kaslow, Lucy Morganstern, and Randall Spinks supplied steady and much appreciated encouragement while I wrote and revised.

My work was greatly facilitated by two New York University Libraries Goddard Faculty Support Grants and an International Research and Exchanges Board Short Term Travel Grant. Harvard University Press kindly gave permission to reprint part of "I'm Nobody! Who Are You?" which appears in The Poems of Emily Dickinson. I wish to express appreciation to the University Seminars at Columbia University for their help in publication. Thanks to those most knowledgeable reference librarians of the Slavic Reading Room at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana for research help over several summers. Also to my supportive colleagues at NYU's Bobst Library, who so effectively helped me with my reference questions, interlibrary loan requests, and computer problems, and to Chris Holden and the Bates College Library for making it possible for me to work there in very pleasant conditions.

And, of course, my thanks to my parents, who made everything possible.

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